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Web Designers Directory Welcome to! Here you can find CSS or professional templates for your new or existing websites.

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CSS Templates - Free Wordpress Theme - Virtualbrown
Title: Free Wordpress Theme - Virtualbrown
Design by: Shannon
Description: A beautiful 2 columns magazine style wordpress theme with featured posts slider,google adsense and admin control panel.
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Professional Logo Design Services

Professional Logo Design Services Looking for professional logo design services for your newly found CSS Templates? Find out how the administrators of find one of the logo design company after using their services. Read the review here.

CSS Quick Guide

CSS Quick Guide The new CSS Quick Guide contains several commonly encountered issues by the Webmasters and layout the appropriate solutions. Webmasters can learn how to center elements, create a pull quote or remove annoying whitespaces around the page using this guide which will be updated regularly.

CSS White Hacks

CSS Templates White Hacks Commonly known as CSS workarounds, these hacks will help the designers to achieve cross browser compatibility for the CSS codes. Our CSS White Hacks section includes codes that shows the designers how to hide from those poor CSS supported browsers.

CSS Templates Advantages

Comparing to conventional table-based designs, CSS templates is clearly a better choice when it comes to web development. In addition, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), recommends the use of CSS templates to replace table-based designs as tables are not meant for designing in the first place. The following discuss some of the advantages in using CSS as web page templates.

CSS Flexibility Flexibility
CSS templates separates presentation from coding. By using an external stylesheet for a website, designers can now amend the layout through this stylesheet. For example, a simple class for paragraph can be used control the appearance of the paragraphs, padding and margins. If the appearance of all the paragraphs must be changed, the designer only needs to update a single file- stylesheet.

CSS codes rendering Codes Rendering
CSS templates reduce the amount of codes in a file as compared to the traditional table-based designs. This reduction in codes will improve the website performance in the user-end. As some users may be using dial-up connection, web pages designed using CSS will definitely reduce the time required to load a web page. The total amount of file size is also reduced to minimum with the help of CSS templates.

CSS Accessibility Accessibility
Accessibility is very important as it make sure a web page can be properly interpreted by all users. A user reading a table-based design web page with the help of a screen reader will be having a great problem understanding the logic, just imagine the reader goes through columns by columns in those deeply nested tables. CSS templates also helps in arranging the templates logically to both the developers and all the users.

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